Welcome to SYLPH Designs!

We are a small business who came to be in 2002, when Moshit started designing and making clothes for interested friends and market owners. Interest and demand swiftly grew, and Moshit was immediately swept off her feet with work. What started as a hobby very quickly grew into a career.

We are now based in Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains, and Moshit has a small team to help her, including Gloria and Jaia to keep her calm and organised.

We are lucky enough to design and distribute our colourful clothing all around the globe, from Tasmania to New York and everywhere in between.

Our clothes are made by women, for women. We celebrate real women’s figures and individuality, and design garments with colour, style and comfort in mind.

Like the wild and cheeky ‘Sylph’ fairy, we are very creative and believe our ideas can not be confined!

Moshit takes her inspiration from nature, loves colours, layers, and making all women look and feel beautiful.